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Hi I'm Bob... I'm the owner of High Roller Trailer Rentals LLC. I wanted to start this business because I realized there was a need for trailer rentals for the DIY'er. I was working on a home project and thought that a dump trailer would have made my work easier.... Well, I couldn't find a place to rent one and my friends were all using theirs. I felt there was a need in our area. So with that, I started High Roller Trailer Rentals to make the "Average Joe Homeowner" DIY projects easier. My Dump Trailer and Enclosed trailer are bumper hitch and can be pulled with a regular half ton truck, so no big truck needed. I'm catering to the DIY'ers but also construction contractors who may need an extra trailer for a project. Let me help you make your projects easier with a local trailer rental.

Looking foward to working with you,


Bob Stivarius, Owner

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